After leaving our Mill our Mould Made papers are delivered to printers, bookbinders, designers and artists around the world who turn them into printed matter, graphic editions, books and artwork of all kinds.

ZERKALL is acknowledged to be a reliable paper of very high quality when it comes to fine art printing and printmaking. On our paper the graphic works of many different artists – among them Max Ernst, Jasper Johns, Georg Baselitz, Paul Wunderlich, Horst Janssen, Markus Raetz – have found their places in collections and museums throughout the world. Graphic editions are the result of a very close collaboration between the artist and the master printer, who performs the process of printmaking. Many master printers with international reputations use ZERKALL for printmaking, among others are Ernst Hanke, Kurt Zein and Kenneth Tyler.

In contrast to the art market mould made papers are no necessity for designers and advertising agencies. They are however repeatedly being used in order to highlight the special material of a printed feature. Examples are letterheads and annual reports, but even applications like the cover for the first-class menu of Lauda-Air were printed four colour offset on ZERKALL.

In the production of books ZERKALL is used for text or cover. The variety of end uses ranges from the limited editions of small hand presses to high-class editions of large publishing companies.

ZERKALL has also found a place in the history of Germany as many state treaties have been signed on our document paper. Among them is the reunification treaty from 1990 which is exhibited in the museum "Haus der Geschichte” in Bonn.

To get a further impression of the great variety of these different applications you may enter our registered trademark ZERKALL or ZERKALL-BUETTEN into one of the common search engines on the Internet.

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